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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our Credit Union. Please be advised that a one-off debit card payment of £4 is required at the end of this online application to complete the membership process.

Please note this online application form is for adults only (aged 16 years and over). For junior accounts please download an application form by clicking here.

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ID verification methods

If you do not hold a valid driving license or passport, we will attempt to verify your identity without this information. Please be aware you may need to provide us with proof of your name and address at a later date. This will complete the membership application process.
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In accordance with the principle of the Data protection Act 1998, we will use your personal details for the purpose of managing your accounts with the Credit Union. Your personal details will be treated confidentially and only be shared with other agencies for the purpose of credit referencing and debt recovery for which purpose we hold a category F Consumer Credit License. You have the right to access any of your personal information held on Castle & Crystal Credit Unions files. There is a fee of £10 for this service.
I agree to make an immediate debit card payment of £4.00 to cover a non-returnable fee of £3.00 and a minimum savings balance of £1.00. Credit card payments are not accepted. I confirm that I satisfy the commond bond eligibility criteria for membership. (tick to acknowledge)
Eligible deposits in Castle & Crystal Credit Union are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Your funds are protected up to £85,000. For more information please see the FSCS Guide.
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